Identification & Advice

If you suspect you have Japanese Knotweed or any other invasive species on your property, take a photo of it and send it in to us at and we will be happy to tell you what it is for free. Also, if you have any general questions contact us and we will do our best to help.


Initial Consultation

If you have Japanese Knotweed on your property one of our professional and qualified surveyors can visit your property for a fee to assess the extent of the problem by completing a full site survey. A detailed survey report will include an overview of the property, distribution of the Japanese Knotweed, the available treatment methods and give a detailed breakdown of the treatment costs. The cost of the site survey is £200.

Cost Effective Treatment

In many cases the costs involved in obtaining professional services associated with Japanese Knotweed have been largely inflated. As a special plant, it is of course important you know what you are doing. We at Savage Gardens aim to bring a realistic, efficient and cost effective solution to your invasive species problem. 5 year contracts start from £1500, this includes 3 years of herbicide treatment and 2 years of monitoring for regrowth, this cost can be split into yearly payments and we are also members of Bondpay where contract funds are secured by a third party.


Detailed Management Plans

Once Japanese Knotweed has been identified and one of our surveyors has conducted a professional site survey a management plan will be established in line with the Environment Agency's Best Code of Practice for Japanese Knotweed. The management plan can provide the necessary reassurance to both lenders and buyers that a Japanese Knotweed problem is being properly managed and will include the following:

  • A description of the property with an accurate record of the Knotweed intrusion

  • A scaled plan with dimensions and supporting photographs

  • A full description of the methods to be used to eradicate the Japanese Knotweed

  • A treatment schedule that is updated as treatments are carried out

  • A completion certificate that confirms the treatment is complete and that the property is free of Japanese Knotweed on the completion date

Once the management plan is completed and agreed we will get to work treating your Japanese Knotweed with immediate effect, usually using a combination of treatment methods such as hand held herbicide application and also using the stem injection method.


Comprehensive Monitoring

While the treatment plans are on going we keep in contact with you by carrying out regular site visits to check on our progress and make sure you are happy, with any problems being addressed instantly.


PCA Membership

Savage Gardens are full members of the Property Care Association trade group. A rigorous application process and continual audits ensures the highest standards are maintained by its members, so you can have extra confidence that we have the right skills and qualifications for the job.

Invasive Weed Specialists.

Savage Gardens are invasive weed specialists, we provide concise and clear strategies for your weed problems.


Specialising in herbicide treatment in-situ. Every site is unique and requires its own surveys, management plans and treatment works. Please read below for more details.

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