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Significant structural damage.

Japanese knotweed can cause significant structural damage, its rhizome network (root system) causes extensive damage to building foundations, driveways, flood defences, and virtually anything else in their path.

There are now strict regulations for Japanese knotweed removal, disposal and its introduction to the landfill sites as it is classed as controlled waste.

If you start treatment early, costs and complications with its removal are dramatically reduced, so get in touch today.

Worst Invasive Species.

Fallopia Japonica, or Japanese knotweed as it is more commonly known is listed on the world conservation union’s one hundred worst invasive species list.

It was brought into the UK intentionally, introduced by Victorian horticulturists who valued it as an ornamental garden plant and understood little of its invasive and resilient nature.

Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia Japonica)